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Resource Teacher
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Who are the Resource Teachers?
Resource Teachers are experienced teachers with qualification in Special Education
Who qualifies for this service?
Students who are designated under specific categories as outlined in the Special Education Services Manual of Policies, Procedures & Guidelines as Physically Dependent, Moderate to Profound Intellectual Disability, Physical Disability or Chronic Health Impairment, Autism, or Mild Intellectual Disability
How is the service provided?
Resource teachers may:
- suggest strategies to school/family for working with the student
- consult with the school-based team to review student needs and assist with problem-solving
- provide resource materials, student instruction strategies, and assessment to support classroom teachers and students
- help organize, maintain, and integrate services in the school and provide access to support services available at district level
- develop and present workshops/in-service to staff providing for the students with special needs in the regular classroom
- collaborate with the classroom teacher, parents, and other members of the school-based team to design Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) for assigned students
- provide direct service to students
- facilitate transition from one level of schooling to another and from school to adulthood
- facilitate work experience placements and community access programs
- train and direct the work of paraprofessionals who assist students with disabilities
- consult with Provincial Outreach Programs

Our Resource Teacher is Mrs. Charmaine Bell. Mrs. Bell may be reached through the school office (250-870-5112).