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Learning Assistance Teacher
The Learning Assistance Teacher (LAT) provides direct service to students with mild learning difficulties (under-achieving by one or more years in the core academic areas). He/She assists teachers in planning for less able students who are already achieving at their expected level. The LAT promotes early identification of learning problems (especially at the primary levels).
The LAT is the case manager for students identified in the above categories. This includes assessing the students, communicating with parents, teachers, and administrators, keeping records, preparing Individual Education Plans (IEPs), and maintaining a resource room for instruction and materials.  The LAT also consults with other District Staff and manages referrals for other services.

The Learning Assistance program at ASM, combined with primary classroom support and the English Language Learners program (ELL/ESL), is a full time position.

Parents with concerns about their child's progress should first discuss those concerns with the child's teacher, who may be quite aware of the situation already.  Adaptations in classroom routines, instruction, or expectations may provide the child with the opportunity for increased success.  Any referral for Learning Assistance or assessment will only be done with parental consent.

As the LAT this year, I am available to consult with you or try to answer your questions. Please call the school; leave a message if I am in class.  I will return your call!

Shelley Paynter
Learning Assistance Teacher