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Homework Tips

Top 10 Homework Tips for Parents
Family situations--each one unique--undoubtably influence a child's approach to homework and learning.  Parents can help children develop good working habits.  Please show your child that homework is an important priority and you value its worth.

Sit down with your child and together schedule a time for completing homework assignments. Homework habits are more easily formed if children work the same time each day.

2.     Help your child choose an appropriate study location--a quiet corner, a desk, a
        comfortable chair. The location should suit the assignment--use a desk or table for
        written work.  Provide good lighting and necessary materials.

3.     Ask your child to describe the assignment before beginning, and later show you the
       completed work or summarize what has been learned.

4.     Encourage your child to work on his or her own.   If your child needs help, look over
       the material before you begin so you are familiar with the assignment.

5.     Be a resource and consultant for your child, but don't hover or provide constant
       advice. Sometimes the best help is a hug, a smile, or a word of approval.

6.     If your child becomes frustrated, put the assignment away for a while.

7.     Please be available to check work and check whether the assignment has been
       completed.  Many teachers ask that parents sign or initial their child's agenda once
      homework has been completed.

8.     Praise your child for completing homework.

9.     When possible, help your child relate homework assignments to everyday life and

10.     In general, be supportive and encouraging. Your attitudes are contagious.