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Our Learning Story
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Four years ago, A.S. Matheson embarked on a journey to embrace the Response to Intervention Model to meet the needs of each learner in the area of Literacy.  During the last four years, our team, including: classroom teachers, support teachers, administrators, students and their families, have embraced a change in structure to meet each child where they were at and move them forward on their individual learning journey.   Structures and strategies are in place to monitor each child's growth in Literacy and provide support on an ongoing basis. 

The successes and learning experienced through this process has encouraged us to embark on two additional Spirals of Inquiry.   The second spiral has a focus on our early learners.  We are looking at developing structures and strategies to better transition our earliest learners into our school.  We have been looking closely at the Social Emotional component of the new curriculum and designing an environment that will support all children as they make one of the largest transitions in their short lives.  The third spiral focuses around self-reflection and communicating student learning in our intermediate math classrooms.   With explicit learning intentions, students are learning to communicate what they are able to do, what they are working on and where they need further support. 

Through these three spirals in our school, we soon realized that there were themes that threaded through them all that we needed to address as a whole school.  In every scan, it was evident that staff, students and parents all believed in the people within the building and that the focus was on what was in the best interest of each child to be sure their needs were met and that students would feel successful.  What we started to ask ourselves in each spiral was…do our students believe in themselves? 

With this question in mind, we started to ask students, parents and staff what kind of learners we wanted at A.S. Matheson.  What does the A.S. Matheson Firebird stand for?  After significant work, all stakeholders want our students/children to be "confident" learners.  Students also want to be "confident" in themselves as learners and as socially responsible individuals.  As a part of our initial scan, we have defined what a "Confident Learner" looks like, sounds like and feels like.  We are currently looking at questions to ask staff, parents and students to determine what students need to become "Confident Learners". 

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Student Voice:

One student shared that "this is important work because it is important to know what you are good at, but more important to be confident in knowing what you need to work on, that is what makes you better." ~ Anthony

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Parent Voice:

"I've enjoyed working together with other parents and staff to develop ideas to support our students; collectively we are building confident learners.  If our children have a positive view on their abilities, can look at challenges without fear, and know the people around them are available for support then they have a greater chance of meeting their full potential.  I'm excited about the steps that have already been taken and new ideas and input from more parents and students." ~ Cecila