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About Our School

  ​School Profile


 Number of students: 300, Kindergarten through Grade 6

Number of classes: 13

Number of teachers: 16

Total number of staff: 40, includes administration, clerical, custodial and support staff

Itinerent District Staff: a speech-language pathologist, a school based counsellor, Indigenous Advocates, and a resource teacher

Location: close to the downtown core of Kelowna.

Neighborhood: consists of single family dwellings, apartment buildings, multiple family dwellings, subsidized housing units, churches, hospitals, shopping malls, commercial properties, dentist and physician offices, a pharmacy, agricultural land with orchards and small farms.  

School Team: Firebirds

School Colours: Red and Yellow

School Logo: Firebird

In addition to the Elementary program, our school offers an out-of-school care program.  This program is offered in partnership with the BGC Okanagan, a privately owned company.   We are also excited to have a Strong Start Center within our building for parents and preschoolers to enjoy together.  

At A.S. Matheson it is our fundamental belief that all students can learn and that learning encompasses the whole child (social, emotional and intellectual development).  We strive to help all students meet and/or exceed expectations in all areas of the curriculum.  Setting high standards for students academically and behaviorally is helping us achieve higher results on standardized District and Provincial testing.