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Code of Conduct

​​The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to establish and maintain a safe, caring and orderly environment where students feel that they belong.  Such an environment will allow maximum opportunity for learning, working, and succeeding. 

At A.S. Matheson, School-Wide Expectations are set out so that everyone knows what expected behavior looks like, sounds like and feels like. Our School-Wide Expectations "Matrix" is included in this Code of Conduct document.  We believe that behaviour is learned, and therefore must be taught.  Our behaviour matrix is taught to all students at the beginning of the year and incorporates expected conduct in all areas of the school environment.

Positive (expected) behaviours will be recognized, reinforced and rewarded.  Inappropriate (unexpected) behavior will be resolved through teaching, restitution and, if necessary, consequences. 

Please click on the link to access the entire school:Code of Conduct - Revised Summer 2023.docx.pdf